Sunday, December 15, 2019

Volunteer opportunities


We are one of around 30 local branches of the British Science Association that are run by volunteers with the backing and support of head office in London.

Volunteer at one of our events

Science Cafes: Every month at three venues each month.
At the moment I (Bob) run these cafes, but it would be great to find someone who’d like to take one on in one of our regular monthly venues.

Festival of Nature:  9th & 10th (Millennium Square)
This is a great opportunity to engage with a LOT of people, young and old. We have a table on which we can do pretty much anything we want. We have done various experiments and demonstrations in the past. Always fun and always busy.

Science Film Festival: Week beginning August 13th
There will be a number of different events on during this week. The main focus is the science film competition, which will be judged during the week. Local amateur film makers submit a short video on some science theme and we show those shortlisted at the Improv Theatre and on the Big Screen in Millennium Square. Other events during the week will need volunteers. We’re planning a Bad Science film showing with panel discussion and a science film trail. Volunteers are needed to promote the film competition, facilitate at each of the events, help in promotion of all sorts, and help organise the events. More ideas are in the melting pot. Watch this space.

Other ways to get involved:

For more details about the following options, please contact us at

Community engagement: We will be aiming to forge closer links with local community groups in order to engage more people with science and to discuss issues with people from a wide range of cultural and economic backgrounds. If you already have links, or would like to take on the task of creating links, we’d like to hear from you!

Science Cafes: From January, there will be three science cafes every month at different venues – Tobacco Factory in Southville, Greenbank Pub in Easton and the Cambridge Arms in Westbury Park. We just need people to facilitate, welcome people and generally make sure the evenings go without a hitch.

Panel discussions: These are held whenever we can get suitable funding. They involved finding a panel of around five people, booking suitable venue, organising Eventbrite ticketing and helping at the event with briefing the audience. Over the last year we’ve held events on Robotics, DNA privacy and Science & Religion.

Outdoor events: In addition to our regular appearance at the Festival of Nature there are other opportunities around Bristol and Bath to take advantage of. This means finding out about what’s on and whether we can take part. If you like interacting with the public, especially kids, and would like to organise an event, this may be an option for you. An example is the ‘make Sundays special’ events in Bristol.

Promotional activities: We are active on social media and intend to do more PR with local media contacts. We need to make contact with all potential media outlets – magazines, papers, websites, journalists, etc. We’d welcome any ideas.
Consider contributing tweets @brisandbath_sci and facebook comments

Writing reviews and articles for the website: If you want to develop your writing skills, there will be plenty of opportunities for this as we develop our website and add a greater variety of content. Review our science cafes and other events; comment on other science-related events in the Bristol & Bath area; write about science that interests you or that is in the news. Endless possibilities!

Interviews with scientists: This is a big topic with lots of potential. Interviews can be recorded (audio or video) or not, interactive or not. They can focus on the scientist’s work, or on the person ‘behind’ the science. You can ask all sorts of interesting questions for all sorts of reasons. You can develop your own style of interviewing – short snippets or longer in-depth interviews. What do you want the result to be? If you want to develop interview skills with audio and/or video recording, we will support you.

Fundraising and sponsorship: We are always in need of funds and are actively looking at ways to get sponsors for specific events. Interested?

Venues database. We are always looking for suitable venues for events and it would be great to have someone responsible for doing research and creating a database.

Your own ideas: What kind of event or activity could you create? We are always looking at putting on other events and experimenting with formats for engaging the public, so there is plenty of scope for being creative and having fun.