Friday, June 22, 2018

Science cafes in Bristol

We have monthly events at three venues. From March, our Cambridge Arms events will move to the Industry Kitchen (the old Halo Restaurant) at 141 Gloucester Rd.

IK  : The Industry Bar & Kitchen, 141 Gloucester Rd. 3rd Monday of each month
GB : The Greenbank Pub, Easton. 3rd Thursday of each month
TF  : The Tobacco Factory, Southville. 4th Monday of each month

CA :  January 15th – SynBio – synthetic enzymes
GB :  January 18th – Art and Science
TF :  January 22nd – Acoustic Levitation

CA :  February 19th – Exploding Meteors – how to reduce the impact
GB :  February 15th –  Drug resistant bacteria – a current enigma
TF :  February 26th – Solar energy – advancing beyond silicon technologies

IK :  March 19th – Evolution of Chloroplasts
GB :  March 15th – Taking a break – no science cafe this month
TF :  March 26th – The Periodic Table of the Oceans

IK :  April 16th – AutoImmunity – why does the body attack itself?
GB :  April 19th – CANCELLED! Grrrrrr.. 
TF :  April 23rd – Joint replacement – new technologies

IK :  May 21st – What’s in the Air
GB :  May 17th – Cosmic rays, quantum chemistry and cold fusion
TF :  May 28th – A revolutionary new creative industry using robotics

We are taking a break for the summer – back again in September. We’ll also be re-assessing the dates as the three events were rather too close together before. Changes will be published by the end of July.